This is for my daughter, she feels the Dr.s are not for coming with her. On the sonagram she can't see the baby's arms or legs, she fears they are not there at all. Please pray for her that everything will be normal, but we also know that Gods will is not our will always. Keep her calm and from crying with worry.
Kim Phillips
I need prayer for a doctor's visit tomorrow. I have had a return of severe anxiety with palpitations, feeling of doom, sweating, agitation and am in need of healing. I trust God to help me and heal me and I ask for your prayers. Thank you.
Migraines, financial situation, son relationship
Donna Jones
Pray my daughter will carry her second baby. She lost one in June 2016, but she seems happy again. Her husband is very lazy and does'nt help her to unpack in the new house. He is very very immature I pray this child will help him get himself in order. She is a teacher and very busy, I pray God bless her.
I am hurting deeply. I pastor a church but have recently been given some hard, hurtful news about my daughter who we love so much. My heart is broken, numb and feel like I can't go on. I need a Breath of air, my heart healed and for God to restore this situation. I want God's best and want to have peace again. Pray, pray, pray.
loi pryor
it seems I have all the needs plus more, I need a better job. I am lonely also after an abusive marriage. I stayed over 40 years and am depressed. my thoughts are dark. just had major restruction surgery on face . it was a double surgery. I have a new house , but I am so lonely and don't feel connected. Would like your prayers for miracles. complete restoration, of myself and Sons and Bob but a purpose and family type friends
Joyce Cartwright
I am struggling so very much with anxiety, stress, depression etc. it has gotten so bad these past couple months. Psychiatrist has been trying different meds. I have no reason to feel these things. Are used to have a much much closer relationship with God. I feel I don't even have a relationship with him now or with Jesus. I don't know what's going on I feel horrible and scared. I read Christian self-help books but I am just not feeling any hope at this point. I have so very very very much to be thankful for but I just don't feel the joy out of life anymore
Mia leavens
Please pray for me. I am being re-tested to see if I have Cushing's syndrome this morning. If I have it, it would explain a lot of the symptoms I am currently struggling with ie. depression, anxiety and insomnia. It would mean there is a treatment and away out of the madness my husband and I have been struggling with for 5 years. But it would also mean, I have another disease and people don't wish for things like that. I only know I trust God and I need His will to happen in this area of my life. I do want answers and I do want away out. I want this to be positive so I can be healed. Please pray for my healing in His will.
I am now in need of new work at a new job. Present job may not last long, maybe this will be my last week. I need to work as I live alone in Texas and am 61 years of age. No one but Almighty God to fall back on. Lord, help me. Thank you. In Jesus name , AMEN! Continued prayer for my sister in California, unemployed for over one year. God bless her!
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