Deb Miller
I want to share a short prayer I have recently learned. Before the Lord Jesus, in the most sincere way possible, say,"Oh, Lord Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything. Thank You!" Say it 10 times. Then, don't worry. Do the best you can in every situation, one foot in front of the other. Be humble. Think or others... Much Love and Healing of Our Precious Lord to All!
Prayer for our President,I heard him asking for Gods Wisdom, as he leads our nation, Prayer for Pastors to Preach the Word with obedience to the Lord seeking the Lord in prayer, Amen. God Bless T.D. Jr.
Brent Garvin
My oldest son and my daughter live with my ex-wife and there's drug use my daughter is 1 month away from giving birth to my first grandson and my oldest son just got out of prison she's kicking them out I just got out of prison not long ago myself and I don't have a place to provide for them to go we are all scarred or the 24-year marriage to the mother that severed we're trying to rebuild our lives not been praying for a miracle for God to provide a place give me and my children can be together again they're both grown but they're stuck in a bad situation I'm working but I don't have enough money to get my own place my youngest son still in prison please pray for us
John D Chamblee
Please pray for my wife Karen, she broke her right led. We've been married for 48 years., this week. I've been listening to Night Sounds on and off for over 25 years. I plan to start supporting this work soon. In Christ John Chamblee Ps can I em
Continue prayer for my stepson who is still homeless in Las Vegas but I have found out this week that his uncle and sister are trying to find him and have contacted me for info on him. Perhaps he will be able to receive more help from them. God's answers are best. Thank you for your prayer and God bless you.
Gregory Square
Hello everyone-- I want you to sent my name up to God. I have been married for a little over 5 years. The marriage has been with its ups and downs--my wife would say mostly downs but I see mostly ups. Anyway--we are at a down period to the extent that I don't feel that it will recover. I have asked God where he is in all of this but he hasn't gotten back with me yet. My wife heart has grown hard against wanting to reconcile or mend the relationship. We both claim to be Christians but I don't see God in the issues we are having. I don't know what God has in place for me or my wife (Dionne)--please pray that God will reveal what he needs to reveal to both me and my wife. Also, pray for my broken heart. Greg S
My stepson is still homeless in Las Vegas for over 2 years but now he cannot be found. I don't know what happened to him. He has no phone and no response to e-mail or Facebook. I pray for him that he can be found. I fear he may be dead.
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