Ted Pittman
I have some medical test scheduled in February of this year on my prostate, bladder, and other organs. Please pray for me that the test will be OK. I love hearing nigh sounds on the radio nightly and I become so relaxed listening to the program,
Anthony Wade
I'm a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ. As of last week I was backsliding and out of fellowship with the Lord and living outside of his holy word. I repented to the Lord and gave my heart and mind back to him. I'm just asking for prayers from other believers for strength to stay focus on the Lord and as a disabled Veteran I want the opportunity to help those less fortunate and live for Christ.Thnk you.
Tim F.
Please pray for healing for my daughters emotional issues. Thank-you and God bless you!
gloria mills
please pray for me and my family ,its seen such brokeness these past few years,please agree that the rest of our lives will be the best of our lives as we persevere together,God is on the throne,amen,thanks to all who pray,amen
Samuel Phillips
Please pray my colonoscopy turns out ok. Thank you.
Samuel Phillips
Please pray that my blood tests are good following my visit with the doctor this week. Thank you.
Charles Lindsey
Hello and thank you for taking my prayer requests. I've been a Night Sounds listener since late 1980's...and thru the decades as the voice of Brother Bill and the soothing music he played..My heart is heavy, has been heavy for awhile. I feel as though I cannot bear my burdens another day. I need help that only GOD can provide.Icant express the grief im feeling so just please pray for me. Thank you and may the King of Glory bless you foraying for me. Amen
Arthur Bogdanove
for injury from work
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