Prayer for my sister in Los Angeles who has been unemployed for over one year. She needs a job close to her home with a salary she can live on. Thank you and God bless your prayers.
Williams Family
Faithful, Heavenly Father God, in Christ Jesus Blessed Name: Please remember Fred: in an unspoken, intercessory, prayer request, even now; throughout the month of October 2017; and, thereafter. I humbly pray by Faith; and truly thank YOU, Almighty God in Jesus Christ Holy Name, for the privilege to fellowship with You, and YOUR faithful army of prayer warrior saints, in intercessory prayer. Amen.
Mr. Pearce, I am a widow of 2yrs. and I have taken a job that is about 25 miles to work and I listen on my way to work at 11pm central on KHCB/FM in Houston, Tx. It is so soothing to hear the intro music and your voice helps me to get through the night at work. I am struggling in many areas of my life grief,depression,and need of wanting a relationship with a Godly man. At times can be overwhelming. I pray that God will send me the right man in my life and my birthday is Oct 18th and I will be 60 yrs. old And I thank God for these years of my life and the portion of health and strength everyday. Thank you again for Night sounds. I've worked in radio some years ago and enjoyed very much. Your delivery over the air displays how much you enjoy radio as well.
George Schuyler
I listen to your program in Carlisle pa 91.3 i have a doctor appt tomorrow that i would appreciate prayer thank you
My prayer is for all the prayer needs on this site will be met according to Gods purpose and will. My personal request is for wisdom and favour in the upcoming days. Also comfort and peace for the families of victims of violence. Pray also for President Trump and that People will see though the fake mainstream media.
Please pray that I meet a Christian companion. Thank you.
Becky Bishop
I just wanted to thank you for this ministry. What calm it brings me. I have heard it by accident through the years and stumbled upon it again the other day. This time I was determined to find out more. I have shared it with my elderly parents hoping it will bring some peace to them too. My prayer request is for my 28 year old daughter to be drawn to the Lord and have her heart and eyes opened to the truth. She walked away from faith at college. And also for my son too who leads a very private life. I pray he also is drawn to him. Thank you!
Susan Bates
Prayer for my husband who has stopped going to church for about 5 years.
Valerie Wallace
Please pray for me I'm suffering with chronic back pain. My back was injured while working in 2005. I continued to work til i could no longer olerate the pain. I had back surgery in 2014. I continue to suffer daily with constant chronic pain. I'm unable to work nor walk or to participate in activities such as sitting, standing, bending, sleeping, cooking, exercise, traveling,and more without having increased pain. I am battling chronic depression mostly from learning how to deal with pain every minute of everyday. No one around me understands not even my husband. He feels as thou I'm a burden since I can't work. He is a believer but has walked away from the Lord. Please pray for the Lord to comfort me. Please pray that i can learn how to tolerate pain better. Please pray that i stay focused on Jesus 24/7. Please pray that I concentrate and remember the word of God. Please pray that don't lose the fruits of the spirit and pray that my husband finds his way back to the Lord. I pray for all Christians to continue to fight the strong fight and to stay focus on the things above. Remembering that the Lord will not leave us nor forsake us and that we shall continue to give thanks in all things...
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