Alma Franklin
I listen to night sounds and it has been a blessing and encouraging. and that voice is so commanding to beckons you to stop and listen. Thanks for the many songs and stories that really touches my heart. God's blessings on you and your team. lots of love from Anguilla.
Thank you all so much for keeping the airwaves filled with such a promising effective message.....JESUS SAVES.... Been listening to you all for years and am thanking to the LORD for bringing the programs our way since 1982 when I gave me life to the LORD and have remained surrendered to HIM all the while. Bill's messages are always timely and effective. May GOD add HIS blessings to each one of them. From our heart and home right here in Canada MERRY CHRISTMAS to the Night Sounds ministry team and supporters. "JOY JOY GOD SENT US HIS BOY...GREATEST GIFT EVER." JESUS came so we could all go on in this life with HIS promises resonating in our hearts... What a REDEEMER HE is...the only who loves us forever. GOD BLESS you all.. GOD'S very best in 2018 Love&Prayers M&B
Donna Jones
I love your program and the music in the begin and end it sounds like heaven to me with that relaxing feeling.
I found "Nightsounds" recently and love the show. Bill often asked listeners to write to him. Unfortunately, my letter is too late to be read by him, but I still want to say how much I look forward to listening to the show. Thanks, Bill, and thanks to the people who are keeping the program going. It is a treasure that for too many people has not yet been discovered. To God be the glory! Lee
Tony Murray
I love listening to NIGHT SOUNDS. I especially love the theme song! it sounds like part of the soundtrack for "THE 10 COMMANDMENTS" or something similar. Thank You.
Marsha Johansen
It was 25 years ago that I listened to Night Sounds while I was living in Denver. I worked late and when I got home I would listen to Bill's comforting messages. It was a lonely time for me. I moved awesome ay from Colorado and never heard his broadcast again until last week when by chance I was listening to Life Talk Radio on the Glory Star Satellite network. I live in Alaska now, where the nights are long and dark. It is a blessing to hear the program again after so many years. Thank you for brightening these dark nights in Alaska!
John Farrington
I used to listen to Nightsounds way back in 1974 as a teenager. I would go to bed and turn on my radio to listen to the soothing voice of Bill Pierce and the relaxing and uplifting music of Nightsounds. It gave me a warm sense of peace and reassurance of God's presence. I still enjoy listening to the programs here in 2017. Thank you for making it available on the web. God bless you all.
I recently discovered Nightsounds on my way to work since I work night shift. It helps me bless those in my care when I am blessed on my way to work through your program. Thank you.
I have fond memories of listening to Night Sounds in the 1990 s when I was single living on my own, me and my two Siamese cats tucked in the bed, I would leave the radio on low through out night would often awaken and Night Sounds would be on,It gave me great comfort on those long lonely nights. Thanks for the inspiration in those trying days and nights.I hope Night Sounds will continue to comfort others.God Bless. Roger.
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