Victoria Rivera
105.7 is a blessing to me and my household.This station blesses my soul.There have been days I have felt down or felt the enemy trying to bring me down,I just put on the radio and the music just gives me peace and encouragement.thank you to all the people who give to this ministry to stay on air.Blessings
Nice meet you microphone . I present myself as a believer of Jesus Christ. Its a long time not practicing to reading a bible but today I start to follow each day words of Lords .At the same time your night program helping me to go forward . I heard too many news about you and family living in europa but you have a difficulty to see them because of conflict and meanness is permanently circulate in the area each day its hard for every humans . MY friends every where banding to know this situation take a long years differently . Whaterver is driving but the destination is failled badly and no one saved because there's too much pressure inside the state . Still individualist talking another bad idea to temptate the person which concerning , specially now they want to have the first amounts in case if you send to the family they will never give to family in the future but those told will keep for them a news running . In that land you never have a good treatment because they already stocking the bad content to in med.shops . No confidence in this way and one region can't doing anything every need parts come from highland area .For that matter the the family region have not any solution to help you becaues no peace and true policy inside . Even the family town are accept the measure and reaction which you made this week . one deputy women answer to the reporter about the situation she said here is done uncorrect politic we can't doing anything. I believe there is not any garanty to continue life there because everything up side down and no Love respect and peace and humanity go down.I hope you and family know all the detail of this event .Wish you going great and powerful to select a good healthy and peaceful place for all its my desire for you all . I pray for you and family to live a true life together and peacefuly . Thanks to take e-mail Jesus is the one for everyone .
David Nailor
Thank You all at Nightsounds. Your program is a blessing and encourages me every night. I am a 16 yr old in Redding, California. I feel the Lord uses this program to work out my life and better understand his will for me.
I'm sitting here listening to you speak about grief and a note from a listener. I think back 28 years ago. when my mother passed suddenly. I wrote a huge number of thank you notes and remember sitting at the kitchen table working on notes to friends and family listening to Nightsounds. You were a huge blessing at that time in my life. I hadn't listened to you for a long time and earlier this summer, I started listening from time to time via my computer. May God bless you as you continue to bless many listeners.
Mary Hettick Dean
I just recommended Night Sounds to one more person...a young lady who has insomnia. The program is very relaxing, and I can usually get to sleep as the last of the music is signing off. It's been a blessing to me. I can only contribute once in awhile, but do have it on my list of very worthy ministries! How I wish I could have met Bill...but one day, I will! ??
Ronald Davies
Thanks for the comments. I am 81 and Praise our Jesus that He is still faithful forever. Please keep praying for our nation and leaders. Amen.
Laurie Hansen
I used to listen to Bill & Night Sounds as a young college student (Colorado Women's College) during the 70's. What a wonderful way to end each day. As a young Christian, I became grounded in God's word - due much in part to Night Sounds. The words, songs, and messages are timeless. I am so very grateful for the influence this ministry has had on my life. Thank you.
Jeff Santana
I've been listening to Night Sounds since my lonely days of working as a Foreman at my uncle's grove in 1987 in Florida, and having those long days of managing the upkeeping of different crops during the day then at night time just resting by the radio with my dog next to me..., Bill Pearson with his soothing voice and the most blissful selection of songs would just bring such peace in to my day..., I was a faithful listener till 1995 when I moved to New Mexico and couldn't find the show around here..., I still didn't have internet so had no options but to give up on the show..., but in 2009 when my life took a nose dive..., I was vulnerable and hurting from the pain of not being able to fully trust a close loved one again...,? But with me reconnecting with the show once more via the internet, in 2004 I started listening to the show once again...., God just had a way to reveal himself to me over my circumstances through Bill Pearson's voice..., the rest is history...., I will listen in to Bill regularly. He may be gone to meet our Lord but his legacy continues to bless many!!!!
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