10/25/2021 - John
I am asking for prayer for teaching a 7th grade class "The Bible" , I have only one hour a week to work with students and find they are completely unfamiliar with the scriptures. I also feel like I have not done enough for the Lord in my life. Thank you for your prayers.

10/14/2021 - Samuel Phillips
Please pray for my brother Mike and his wife Debbie that they can fully recover from illness due to Covid-19 and for our family finances. I thank you all.

10/14/2021 - Victor G Richter
My son and I were in the military and are both disabled veterans. He is single and I am a widowed living alone..

10/11/2021 - Misty
Please pray for Denise -- she is a very sweet and kind lady in my community who is battling cancer. She is very devoted to her family and has several children and grandchildren. Please pray for miraculous healing and that the new treatment will be successful.

10/05/2021 - Nicole
Please pray that my family and I will find the right attorney group that will go through ALL of my medical records, take on my case and will be able to get my family and I a settlement to take care of my medical needs and my family. Please watch over us all and support us financially through this transition time. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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