08/02/2022 - Angela
Please pray for my dad, Kent. He suffered a stroke on April 23 and had to undergo emergency brain surgery. He has been in a coma and is slowly beginning to wake up. Pray that he would be able to wake up fully, speak, and that God would restore him to full function. He is young and has always had a great desire to serve Jesus and further God's kingdom. He has been an avid listener of Nightsounds for years and I have continued to play him Nightsounds while he has been in the hospital. I can tell it brings him great comfort to hear Bill Pierce.

07/26/2022 - Danielle King
Please pray for saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death on the cross in their places of my children, Josh, Amanda, and Garrett. They need Christ in their lives. Please pray for a radicial change in their hearts mind and lives please. My mother's heart is breaking. I need more faith. Please pray for my husband as he is one year out of a full liver transplant that he continue to have no major difficulties or infections. Please pray for us in regards to the car we have just lost due to someone pulling out in front of me. I am so confused why this happened when we are both on set incomes monthly and have no savings. Please pray for my mother's salvation who is battling end stage disease and may pass at any time. I am not sure I can handle all of this and need God to intervene and help me as I am reaching my breaking point. Please no more. I can't handle it.

07/20/2022 - Doug
Please pray for my eldest brother, Brian. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctors don't know if it has spread, so they are running more tests. The Lord has been so merciful to our whole family in the area of health. Please pray the Lord would give Brian's doctors wisdom and guidance with his treatment, and that He would completely heal Brian, and more importantly, save his soul. Thank you and God bless.

07/16/2022 - Bernice
Pleads pray for my 10 year old granddaughter. She has so many problems. She doesn't sleep at night and sleeps in the day. Won't leave her room. Will not eat much food. Is afraid of strangers coming to house. Stays in her room too much. Her mom refuses to admit t she has a problem. Pray for her mom to get counseling for her Thank you night sounds is great program. Been listening a long time. God bless you.

07/11/2022 - Samuel
Please pray for my wife's safe transportation on July 12 to the doctor as she needs to take senior transportation and that her two medical appointments go well and a safe return home. Thank you for this service of prayer. God Bless you as Nightsounds has been such a blessing to me since 1973.

07/08/2022 - Naomy Jakab
When I was ten years old my mom sexually abused me with her boyfriend, help me pray for peace. ????

07/01/2022 - Kathryn Johns
Please pray for my granddaughter who is due to have her first child on or about July 23. The baby is not in the correct position as of today July 1, and her doc wants to schedule a C-section for July 18. Tori is very stressed and has tried all the methods the internet suggests for helping the baby turn head down for birthing. We're praying fervently for our Lord to just speak the words and we know that little one will obey and get into position, Would you also pray for true salvation for Tori and husband Frank. They aren't living what that claim they believe and now another soul is coming into this world and will need to not only be taught about Jesus but witness the family living a Christ centered life. Thank you, Kathryn (Sis) Johns 351 Bracken Ave Pgh, Pa 15227

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