01/22/2022 - Leslie Hutcherson Lockwood
Please pray for my sister-in-law, Janan Hutcherson, who is dealing with cancer.

01/20/2022 - Laurie
Please pray for God to give our son Ryan a better job. A job where he can use his God-given talents and abilities and where he will be treated fairly and with respect and that his salary will enable him to support his family (wife and 3 children). Thank you so much for praying.

01/17/2022 - Matilde
Hello Friends in Jesus. Please pray for my son Matthew to open his heart to Jesús . May God open his eyes to love his family , to respect his parents , may any spirit of angry , hate and unforgiving leave his body and mind in Jesus name. Please pray for it. And for us ( parents ) how to pray for him and handle it. Thank God bless

01/13/2022 - Monica Prestwood
I am requesting believing prayers for myself, and family. My trust is in God our Father Divine Power to do according to His will; to meet me and my family at our point of need. I believe He can. I'm expecting my Father to. Our Father's will is good, pleasing, and perfect. Father Your Way in our live's is best. You alone O LORD can meet each of us through Your Holy Power to conform us. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen Thank you

01/09/2022 - Roland
Please pray for me, I've had (3) Surgeries on my eyes which resulted in a terrible side-effect. The Surgeon told me it's only the third time, in her career, she has ever seen this to the extent that I had it. Thank God, the Surgeon was able to correct the side-effect with another surgery. I'm, now, having a problem with the vision in my left eye which is getting worse. Thank You...

01/07/2022 - Roger
Pray for our son Andy has operation in near future regarding hip surgery pray pre operation x rays will show significant improvement and a speedy recovery.

01/05/2022 - Kimberly
I have started listening to Nightsounds about a year ago. It has been such a blessing to me many lonely nights. Please pray for the lonely. How grateful I am for Bill Pearce and those who continue his ministry.

01/04/2022 - DA
Please pray for the salvation of 2 of my sons and for my husband to rededicate his life to the Lord. We are a broken, hurting, fragmented family. Thank you.

01/03/2022 - Delia
Please pray for me, my neighbor and my dog. My dog bit my neighbor (out of the blue) and my neighbor is diabetic. The dog broke the skin and for a diabetic, this can be very serious. My neighbor did call the sheriff, but did not file a report. The sheriff took our homeowners insurance info and got the tag #of my dogs rabies vacc. My neighbor is a believer and we have never visited much in the past. Last night my husband and I went over to his home to apologize, and we spent about 3 hours there talking about the incident but mostly about the Lord. I pray that my neighbor is fine healthwise, but also that we can be good friends in Christ and that God will use this incident for good.

01/02/2022 - Bessie Ann Allison
just a note to tell you I listen on KPOF 91AM/Westminister,CO I am 87 years, and have listened for a long time. May our Lord bless you and my prayer is that I will be used in His plan and purpose all my days. Bless all of you who continue Bill's work!

01/02/2022 - Samuel K Phillips
Please pray that my medical appointment goes well on 01/03/2022. Thank you.

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