02/02/2024 - Phil
A drunk driver almost hit my car and then wrecked his bike. I turned around to help and after he got out of jail, he got a lawyer who's trying to sue me and saying I caused him to crash. My insurance isn't helping and I can't afford an attorney. Please pray for me not only to keep still and listen to God so he can guide me in which direction to take, but also pray that I can forgive this drunk driver guy

02/01/2024 - Allan Bayha
I recently lost my soul Partner and wife (Rose Marie} please pray for her to enter Heaven

01/31/2024 - Buck Lane
Buck's wife is in a nursing home and not expected to be here much longer. Buck is alone at 75 years old and visits the nursing home everyday. He takes lunch to the elderly there. Just like to pray for him to have peace through his lonely nights. Thank you!

01/31/2024 - Donna
Donna lost her job and is struggling with how hard she worked to save it. She feels stepped on by greed fortune and fame. Please pray for her peace and anxiety through this tough time and help her find a new job. Thank you!

01/31/2024 - Mickey
This is a prayer for my mother mickey, she has chronic pain in her knees and is confined to a wheelchair with heart disease she is 84. She is a devout Christian and in good spirits with all that she's battled raising six children. Please pray for her healing and peace at this time. Thank you!

01/29/2024 - Shelly
Please pray for me to be healed from anxiety. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

01/23/2024 - Kerry Walker
I'm struggling to cope with my Mother-in-Law's death on January 5. It was not unexpected. God seems so far away right now, but I KNOW he is not. Please pray that I can find comfort in Him. Thank you.

01/16/2024 - Joseph
Pray for guidance peace and wisdom. I'm very lost and need God's direction. Very difficult times.

01/09/2024 - Shawn Tapler
Financial issues and health

01/07/2024 - Samuel
Please pray for my doctor's appointment that all goes well. Thank you all.

01/03/2024 - wood
Pray for my Mom 88 Y.O. (Alzheimer) and an addiction problem ? self

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