05/15/2022 - Sam
Please pray for my wife's sister Rose who is undergoing surgery to repair a stroke. Thank you all.

05/12/2022 - Ken
Please pray for divine energy & being loving today at work at 8am. It is after 4am and despite listening to Bill's wonderful broadcast of 5/11, I can't sleep. "What a blessing work really is, thank you LORD! You know all our wanderings and love us anyway. Help us to REST in you, Jesus. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I today. Thank you for your love, O LORD Jesus! In your precious name, Amen.

05/07/2022 - Sam
Please pray the LORD to give me peace at my doctor's appointment Monday morning and for my wife also who has an appointment. I am asking for my anxiety to lessen and results of the exam to be ok. Thank you all.

05/07/2022 - Kay
I think my trial is going really bad. I don't know what to do except cry in defeat.

05/06/2022 -
Please continue to pray for my brother. He remains far from us and far from God. Although we have no way to touch his heart or spirit, I know that God does. Please pray that God anoints my brother with the truth of His love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Please pray for deliverance of all that binds him. I ask that he submits to Jesus and knows the peace, hope, joy, and purpose that only salvation provides. Please pray for miracles. Thank you.

05/04/2022 - Ruben
If you would please pray for The LORD to give me The Victory, Deliverance, Rest, And Salvation from my enemies. Also, please pray for The LORD to deliver me from any bondages or strongholds that I am under, and for my health ( Spiritual & Physical). Please pray for The LORD to help me through the trials I am going through and for His Grace and protection. Thank you and God bless you.

05/02/2022 - Lisa Sadler
Today was my birthday and I wasn't really happy about it. I only have a fiancee but no friends. So although he made it a good day the best he could since we're both on a limited income. I just feel lonely and lost in this world. I've prayed for God to bless me with good Christian friends but those prayers still remain unanswered.

04/27/2022 - Samuel K Phillips
Please pray for our nephew and his wife that they have safe travels. Also, please pray for me to have increased faith as my faith is wavering lately. Thank you.

04/26/2022 - James Thompson
I have been in the hospital for seven months. Last September 2001 had Covid. I need restoration and hope! I could not walk up till March 2022, but now can walk a little. I am 61 years of age And I've been saved now for about 39 years. For the last 25 years I've preached in many countries of the world and have seen God's power Demonstrated in healing people. Now I am in need of prayer; During this trial my sister Janet Thompson also came down with the Covid but never made it and is in heaven right now. I am in need of prayer for healing and complete restoration. I have never been married and desire a wife and to get back on the field in preaching the gospel. I have been out of the hospital since April 10th 2022. Thank you for your prayers!

04/25/2022 - Karen
First, I want to thank everyone for Nightsounds. It is a blessing to listen to every night. Please pray for our country, salvation for my son, daughter , her boyfriend, and many other family members. Please also pray for my son, bad choices have been made and we are going through the hurt, brokenness of family because of it and I should have set better boundaries when they were growing up. It is very hard when you were married and then become single not by your choice. I really feel it affects all of us for the rest of your life. I feel like I need help and guidance in how to move forward with this with my son and I. It's going to take time.

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