11/14/2021 - Kay
Please pray I had been indecisive for months not really deciding what to do about my dream job/calling/destiny. Recently I thought of backing out of it but could not get His attention. I think it's a bad idea in many ways but I'm still indecisive because it's my dream, calling and destiny I really don't want the punishment. If I'm going to be punished now. I don't know what I'll do!!!!!!

11/12/2021 - J
I ask that you pray with us for our son AJ. I pray that he finds the right path. Seeks a world free from addiction. May God enter his heart and guide him through tough times. I thank you all. God bless

11/08/2021 - Roger
Pray for Dr Zelenko has cancer diagnosis, Pray God s Power will transform him spiritually and cellularly, Pray all therapies and God s Power will bring a new Man. Pray for Roberto in C.R. that God s power will bring him back to a sound mind. We declare By His Stripes they are healed.

11/07/2021 - Deidre harrell
Been homeless for two years.please pray for her to get that. I would be lost without this wonderful program!

11/06/2021 - Christina
Total body healing. Some health concerns are making me nervous. I want to try and be healthier. It is hard to get motivated when I am already nervous.

11/03/2021 - John F
I have listened to NightSounds since 1974. I had submitted prayer requests to the NightSounds Prayer Fellowship and always received answers to my prayers. I am having one Auto mechanical problem after the other. I lost two days from work but two folks I know were able to repair my vehicle. It was good and lifted my spirits. I ask for prayer about two other issues. One the same sorry vehicle and its brakes and the other a rather strange inquiry from my Insurance Company of the last 42 years. Perhaps they want me to find another company. Thank you for praying about these two issues.

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