I used to wait up to listen to Night Sounds since May of 1974. I was surprised to hear Bill Pearce's voice again. I used to receive answered prayer from Night Sounds Prayer Fellowship. I have a need to clear out my home and to stop buying things. I know that prosperity leads to worldliness. I ask for prayer to overcome this.
Deborah Manning
My job was abolished today. I worked in a hospital and it was because of the Coronavirus there were budget issues. I am trusting God for my new job.
Loveisha T. Ortiz
I am asking for others to stand in Faith with me on the healing of my son. Gods Word say's when 2 or more come together and pray IT WILL BE DONE. Gods Word says the it is not his will for us to be sick and Jesus took a beating and many strips so that we ARE HEALED. I stand on the Words of God and claim my son's healing and total Restoration. I believe so please stand with me as I request God to be true to his Words. In the name of Jesus I pray, trust and believe, AMEN
Shirley Jean Becton
Please pray for my grandchildren: Brooke is working with children in a large city which is filled with violence and lives in her apartment alone. Pray with me for her safety and for her to have success on her job. Kelsie is a single young lady who is living with her parents. She is unemployed because of COVID-19. Pray with me that she will find work according to God's will. Jeana will be married in September to a nice Christian young man. Pray with me that their marriage will glorify God. Gabriel is taking online classes to achieve certification for working in Information Technology. Pray with me that God will lead him to Employment through his diligent study. Nasya has just graduated from high school and has been accepted to university for this fall. Pray with me that she will be able to begin her college education with the challenges of the many civil protests/unrest and the "virus". Thank you very much and God bless you.
Roger Cabral
Please pray for all the individuals need s on this site and God s People will not allow the fake mainstream new s to put them under fear.Pray also my Property will sell at the appointed time.
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