07/21/2021 - Roger Cabral
Please pray for Mariette Pastor Roy s wife health concerns.

07/20/2021 - Anthony Brock
Hi. I've listened to Bill since the late seventies. I donated many times over the years and will again. I'm 62 years old and nearly died. My older sister had it too. Please pray for us, Anthony, Ginger that we will make a speedy recovery. Thank You. ??????

07/06/2021 - Kevin
Please pray for my struggles with anxiety, depression and fear. My mom died when I was four years old, from Sorosis of the liver, she was an alcoholic, she passed away October 14, 1965. My two older sisters were 13 and 16, now 69 and 72. I have had a difficult life, but God has been Faithful. Premature, sickly, I could of died. At 60, I am aware of all the blessings, but I also am filled with anger and disappointment at the people around me. I live in a "Christian Apartment Building." yet there are problems galore here and I want to move. I am lonely and just overall frustrated with life. Since Covid, it's taken a tole on so many. God never promised us a easy life, but He did promise to be with us through it all. Blessings to you all.

07/04/2021 - Donna L Jones
Please pray for my daughter who was kicked out of her mother-in-law's house. They have slandered her name to the church to make themselves look good in the eyes of God. My daughter is being harassed by the devil and church members with hate or anger and she is such a mild soul. Her husband wants a divorce, but he needs to give her alimony for not living with her but staying with his mother. she needs a job now; she lost her job since covid hit. And she hasn't gotten the shots seeing it's against her beliefs. Please keep her in your daily prayers. her initials are DJ.

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