06/27/2024 - Carrie
Dear Nightsounds, and those in Heaven. I am so Blessed to have found your radio station, it has truly been a Blessing and life Saver for me! I am over 1600 miles from my former home. My My Dearest friend Lynne C. Has just found out She has a large cancerous mass in her liver. Which has been causing her terrible pain for many years. We need your Prayers...Please God could you heal her. She has helped her daughters and so many people thoroughout the years. Thank you Father !

06/23/2024 - Nicholas
Please pray that my wife will consider counseling, healing and forgiveness rather than divorce. Also that my children learn to act out selflessness, focusing on service and prayer for others, rather than excessively thinking of self. And that the night sounds audience may be at peace and experience love.

06/04/2024 - Kim
Please pray for our safety living in our apartment complex...that we can get along with our neighbors peacefully. Thank you so much.

05/25/2024 - Kerry Walker
Please pray for restored good health and healing. I have been sick for seven days since coming home from a trip to Phoenix. Have had a fever as high as 102,it went away, and now it's back up to 101. I took two COVID home tests, and they tell me I do NOT have COVID. Thanks.

05/17/2024 - Andrew Pick
Pray for Andrew Pick healing from depression bipolar disorder and protection over mental health and God helps me so I don't have to check into mental hospital ever again praise God also block the enemy attacking my body mind emotions and remove curses off my life God to help me and spiritual happiness and strength and God to draw himself close to me praise God also remove all spiritual blocks causing blocks to my healing perform this healing maricle for me to strengthen my relationship with God

05/08/2024 - Phil Chavez
Please Pray GOD Blesses me with a soulmate now in JESUS name..I have Been praying for a soulmate for 29 years..

05/07/2024 - Leslie
Please pray for my son. Please pray that God' lifts him up and gives him strength. Pray that God helps him see the good man that he is. He is going through a very difficult time. Also please pray for me that I continue to feel God's presence and God's guidance.

05/06/2024 - Daniel
Please pray for my daughter to pass her last final exam so she can graduate from college. Also pray for my son, he was raised as a Christian but has fallen away from the Lord after he moved out on his own. Pray he would reconnect with a church and feel the Lord's presence.

05/03/2024 - Samuel Kimble Phillips
Please pray for our upcoming trip out of town to a medical doctor for safe travels and that the appointment goes well and a safe return home. Thank you all.

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