Cathy Hickerson
Pray for my daughter, Leslie who has been diagnosed with vasculitis.
Roger Cabral
Need prayer for Wisdom, finances, And that son and daughter will turn their life around and put God first.Also for the need s of fellow believers.
Alfred Eckstadt
Over 20 years ago I sent a prayer request to Nightsounds. It was answered when I met Tamara and we have been married 20 years. Tamara had been dangerously overweight. A year after bariatirc surgery she is at a healthy weight but she has had a year of continual pain. After several visits to the hospital the doctor does not know what is wrong. Thank you. Al Eckstadt
Need prayer for my mom, and myself and family. She is the one who introduced me to Night sounds when I was an emotional teenager. She has been placed in hospice - praying for a peaceful passing when the time comes, support for myself as we are very close. Thank you. Her name is Marjorie.
Ken Harrison
Prayer request that the joint venture partner God has chosen to partner with steps forward. God blessed me with this wonderful business opportunity many years ago and been in wait for the financial partner God selected to join me.
Sherry Hoffman
For my husbands back and legs and knees....He is a hard worker... and on his feet continually but it has taken a toll on his physical body...Pray he will possibly be able to retire soon to help relieve his pains..
Patty Kay Jackson
My son Joseph has been having really bad chest pains and he has hemacromatosis. Please pray for heaing for him. I have a house that is being handled by an attorney and he is not doing the right things for the family. It is our inheritance. Please pray he does not throw out our wonderful memories of our aunt and uncle and that he handles the estate properly. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Financial blessings are needed in this!!
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