Simon Andrews
Please pray for me, I am slowly deteriating and losing weight. I was diagnosed with esophageol cancer, it may have spread to my liver and stomach. I really need this prayer to pull through as my family needs me. Thanks and God bless, Simon
Doug Schmitz
I apologize for not writing sooner, but I just wanted to update everyone who prayed for me concerning a routine colonoscopy I had done in late December of last year. The results came back about a week later and showed I had no polyps! I want to thank everyone who prayed. The Lord has truly been merciful to me!
Loveisha Ortiz
Please continue to Pray for my son who was in a motorcycle accident, May 2018. His progress is very slow but positive. Praying for God to keep me positive and healthy so that I can continue to push and pull him to get up. I stand on the Words of God for his complete healing. In the name of Jesus, Amen
Thank you for soothing, edifying Night Sounds. Please pray that I will be blessed with a good job. And that I will be able to get my home "ready" for my return.
Joseph L Haas
Cathy Haas Please pray for my husband, Joe who has severe deteriorating discs in his lower back. He gets an Epidural every 3 months just to survive and is in constant pain. He also has a sciatic nerve problem in this left leg and bad feet from his diabetes. He works 9 hours days, standing most of the day. He is the most generous person, cooking for friends and my 87 yr. old mother. He is only 61 years old. We look to God for strength and wisdom. Thank you for your program. I really enjoy it!
Doctors gave my friend Dee only 1 to 2 months to live due to pancreas, lung cancers. please pray for her. Thank you.
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