06/13/2022 - Karen
Thank you for the message tonight. It was definitely needed. Please pray for my son Michael that his heart will soften to anyone that is trying to help him with where he is at. We have brokenness, hurt, pain, trust, family issues in this whole matter. He hung up on me with our phone call. Nothing I say is helping. I also need prayer for my daughter and her boyfriend. None of them know the Lord. Thank you so kindly for taking the time. I feel like such a failure with my children.

06/03/2022 -
Thank you for praying for my brother. I ask for God's continued peace and protection over him. I ask for healing of mind, body, heart, and spirit. Please pray that he is surrounded by God encounters wherever he goes. In this, I ask that he sees the goodness of God. Please pray that he surrenders to Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I ask that he knows the love, hope, peace, joy, and purpose that can only be found in Christ. I ask for miracles.

06/01/2022 - Misty
I know a very sweet and beautiful woman in my community who has been fighting cancer for a long time. So far, none of the treatments have worked for her. Please pray for her healing and peace & strength for herself and family. Thank you.

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