09/14/2021 - John
Hi I have Aspergers Syndrome and I just lost my mom in July. God has given me a special gift and I have become known around the world for it. Because of my Aspergers I need guidance and help with making a big decision to leave my job and do what I feel God wants me to do. Thank you!

09/05/2021 - CH Jeff Burnsed
Covid-19 and covid-19 pneumonia hit us hard...please pray Jacksonville fl

08/25/2021 - Charlotte
I'm finding no peace in my heart. I miss home. I miss my parents who are aging. My 15 yr old dog is coming to close to the end of his life. I feel like I'm losing everything that I love. I don't know how to handle loss very well. I have no emotional support since leaving home almost 2 yrs ago. My parents were my emotional support. I'm struggling to understand God's will of why I'm facing challenges of having two special needs kids, a difficult marriage, and trying to process how our time is limited here on earth. Please pray that I somehow grow strong in faith and for strength inside. I beg God to deliver me from this pain. Thank you

08/23/2021 - William byam
Little seven year Aubrey has very serious cancer that's spreading --please pray your deepest pray for this little girl thank you

08/13/2021 - Tom Newson
Suffering from Crohn's and Diabetes. Please join me as I pray for healing??

08/09/2021 - Jessica Allen
Pray for my sister Leah who is the hospital due to serious covid complications. She is 43 and has three young children at home. Thank you again for your prayers God bless

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