04/17/2024 - Cece
I am a recent widow of a 55 year marriage. Night sounds has been a wonderful comfort to me. It's like a lifeline has been thrown out to me that was sinking beneath the heavy waves of grief. Bill Pearce s voice is so soothing and he gives all to the glory of God. Thank you so much for your program.

03/19/2024 - Kurt pomm
Great program, I added it to my alexa echo. I listen going to sleep. I first heard bill pearce on KTLW in late 1990s I AM thankful you keep these broadcasts on the air, and extremely happy i could enable it on my amazon alexa.

03/11/2024 - Cheryl Cattell
I listen to NightSounds every night. Your messages are so important to me. I'm recently a widow and your program is very uplifting. Can you please refresh the calander days for the month of March so I can continue to listen. Thank you.

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