07/19/2021 - Harold L Thornburg
I love it that Mr. Bill Pearce "yet speaketh" through the medium of internet. I remember NightSounds used to be on the AM gospel station in Madison Heights, VA back in the '70s and '80s. That station has since changed formats; however, NightSounds is IMHO the best show out there, hands down. Mr. Pearce has been an inspiration and I've even gotten to really liking his trombone playing. He was a master at it and it has been such a blessing that he used his talent for our Lord, Amen! Stand steadfast til He come.. Harold Thornburg

07/06/2021 - Lovetta Muse
Like many other senior adults I have recently lost spouse, relocated to Senior Living facility in another state and then Covid, freightening storms etc. Like many other long lonely nights tonight's broadcast brought me back to reality after a day of lonliness wondering "what am I doing here" etc. ( although I know full well I am supposed to be "about MY FATHER'S BUSINESS!) Thank you for again bringing the encouragement from God's Word and annointed music!

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