10/06/2021 - Samuel Phillips
Please keep Nightsounds going strong. You have a fantastic ministry. I listen whenever I can and have been blessed and encouraged by your tapes. I listen on KGLE in Glendive, MT which is being merged with YNOP...I am trying to get YNOP to keep Nightsounds on its programming. I will continue to support you through prayer and financially.

10/01/2021 - Lynn
Night sounds and the comforting voice of Bill have comforted me through some very difficult times and some truly amazing times. I know Bill is now with the Lord, but God is still using his ministry for the kingdom. Thank you Night Sounds for your faithfulness. I

09/19/2021 - Donna R
My thanks go to Bill Pearce for being so faithful to his ministry. Also to KVIP here in Northern California for having him on our radio station. I have listened for quite a few years and am able to relax and 'sleep like a baby' after listening to him. May god bless you Bill and bring you the peace like you have brought to so many others. ??U ??U ??Safe Donna

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