02/28/2021 - Wayne
Love the new web site look!! Beautiful!

02/05/2021 - bill hahn
thoroughly appreciated I know my rights tonight. it is a message we never hear enough. God's grace and love instead of fire and brimstone. love your calmness and demeanor. reminds me of my childhood pastor. thanks again

01/23/2021 - Nathan Ortiz
I was just mesmerized with the 01/22/2021 Kinder - Gentler broadcast. I been depress of what had become of this country and how the Christian community has been supporting the opposite of being like Jesus kindler and gentler no follow the past leadership that refuse to be kindler and gentler. I was so comforted by this broadcast that I have new hope in the Lord thanks to Bill and those beautiful kind words

01/19/2021 - larry
I found these broadcasts on line a year ago, I used to listen to Night Sounds while driving to work for the graveyard shift, this was back in the 80's. Now I am retired and I find these broadcasts as rewarding and as peace bestowing as ever. Thanks for making them available still. God Bless.

01/12/2021 - Alvin Rodriguez
Thank God for this radio station and all its staff, God Bless, and again from Lubbock Tx, God Bless.

01/04/2021 - Gina
As a teenager in the 70's, I was a very insecure and fearful believer. Growing up in violent alcoholic home, I listened to Nightsounds every night. Bill's voice, teaching, music and trombone comforted me as I often cried myself to sleep. I hadn't heard this program for over 40 years until today. Praising God and blessing the memory of Bill Pearce and thanking your ministry for keeping this program going. Topics like "Soul Recovery" are relevant now.

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