03/27/2021 - John P Corea
I only recently found Night Sounds on shortwave and came here for more. I like the way you do the site so I can listen to past shows and get a glimpse at what is coming. Listening to Night Sounds is meditative for me. You have a very calming, almost hypnotic voice Bill. Thanks :)

03/18/2021 - Mike Arbore
I recently turned 65, and wanted to comment again and let you know what a blessing it is to continue hearing Bill's nightly messages to end the day. I first discovered 'Nightsounds' when I was just a teen (I believe) and regretfully... never sent Bill a letter to tell him how important his 'connection' was in helping me hang in there as a new Christian. Please know that I appreciate the team's efforts to continue keeping this ministry alive. No doubt it involves a substantial amount of work. Hopefully my small monthly gifts help support costs. Thank you!

03/17/2021 - Samuel Phillips
Love your new website. Excellent job. I have been listening to Nightsounds since my college days in the early 1970s and been so blessed. Please never stop you vital ministry. Thank you.

03/12/2021 - Rodney
I have been listening to your broadcast almost every morning for the better of five years now. Its a blessing to hear comforting words in the morning. Words have meaning. Thanks for being their !

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