Kevin P Crum
I listened to Night Sounds throughout my high school. I was an outsider and we were very poor. This program got me through my difficult teenage years. I'm so glad I found it again.
I first heard Night Sounds in 1994 while driving home from work late at night. My wife and I used to listen each night at bedtime to unwind and just breathe at the end of the day. We are thankful for the app which allows us to hear Gods word through an old friends voice.
I used to listen to Night Sounds when I lived in Pittsburgh over ten years ago. Then my life changed drastically and I moved to Arizona.Just recently, I was searching for things to relieve all the stress in my life. Then for some reason, Night sounds came to mind. Although we don't get your show here in Arizona, I am happy that I can get the app and listen to Bill any time of the day. Lessons and music good for all ages.
Jaqi Henderson
I usually hear you early in the morning because I fall asleep just before your program is on here in Seattle. Your voice with words that inspire is a blessing to hear at any time.. Thank you and blessings to you. In Him because of Him. Jaqi
David Thomas
I listen on WMHR in Syracuse, NY at 1030 pm. I have found in my prayer life to take time to be quiet before the lord and let the Holy Spirit talk to me and your program helps me with the quietness I need. Thank you and GOD bless!
Don n Libby Dermenstein
Thanks for the podcasts. My wife and I would listen to your broadcast at night as we went to sleep on our local radio station. Now my wife is in the middle stages of Alzheimer's so we retire early in the evening. We had missed Nightsounds for a while until we found your website recently. What a blessing to listen as we fall asleep again. Thank you so much. Blessings, Don n Libby
Wayne Luebke
First listened to the music & message on Christian radio station WRVM in Suring, WI at 11:30pm each night until I found your app and loaded it. Now I can listen at anytime each day and truly enjoy Bill's ability to "shoot from the hip". Although he's no longer with us, his message and encouragement will go on (I hope) for many years to come. YBIC
Bill's soothing voice led me to accept Christ as my personal Lord and Savior when I was just 12 years old. I had just gotten my first clock radio, it was 1980, and I accidentally turned on the show. His ministry impacted my soul! I am now 51 and so joyful to have been reunited with my dear friend, Bill, who I'm eager to meet in heaven soon. What a legacy he left us.
Rudy Hester
I've listened to Bill for 30 years. Many times I couldn't find a station that carried the program. Often I would set a timer to record the program. As a chaplain for 20 years at the local jail, I would often use excerpts from various shows in talking to the prisoners. He was without a doubt, the most humble, Godly man I ever heard speak. Can't wait to see & talk with him in heaven. Thank you for continuing with the program.
John cantrelle
Your program has been areal blessing and comfort to me .Thank you so very much.
Sandy Stoddard
I love to listen to Bill's voice, It is so comforting and soothing to listen to him. And his speaking of God's Words brings encouragement and inspiration to us all. Thank you for keeping him on the air.
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