06/08/2021 - Donna L Jones
while in Hardfort CT I was listening to your program on 104.9 coming out of Middletown CT, it meant so much to hear my programs since I was in a different state at the time. Love to hear the opening song when you come on nightly. Donna Jones Auburn NY

05/23/2021 - Pam
Its good to keep hearing Night Sounds each day...Happy Birthday in heaven brother Bill????

05/14/2021 - emma
i saw that Bill passed away some time ago the other day He was such a soothing comfort to me when i was ill in bed and waled in the night from the severe pain IM gratefull to GOD for the continuance of Bills" ministry In my time of desperation crying from the pain Bill's voice was enable me to fall asleep and it wasnt in what he said even it was only his voice ......i felt comforted I want to exspress my gratitued towards the staff that carries on this ministry that has brought healing touch of Jesus to so many who tune in

05/12/2021 - Michael Berry
This program was such a blessing when I moved to the PNW from Chicago. I took a security patrol job and came upon it early morning. I remember listening to the program on WMBI from studios in the Moody Bible Institute during the '70s as a new believer in Christ. Now retired and at home, occasionally I get up extra early just to listen and reflect. Thank you for continuing the program. God bless. ??

05/09/2021 - Gary
I used to listen to Bill on Nightsounds in the late 1970s when I was at college at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. My roommate & I used to stay up listening to Bill and his very soothing, cool voice. As a new Christian it was a real help to hear that old style music & Bill's voice. Some 45 years on I am still listening to Bill's voice, & this time with even more focus on what he says. As I prepare for bed I go for a walk and have an evening devotional while listening to the app. I love it so much and I just want to express that to the team that continues to put this on the air. Thank you so much. May enough money come in, more than enough, to keep it going and to bless you all, too. Thank you very much. Gary

05/03/2021 - Gene & Betty Preas
Keep up the good work!

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