11/16/2023 - Ginny
I listened to Nightsounds as a teenager right after becoming a Christian, on the radio at 10:00 every night. It was such a blessing to me. Now I'm 69 and was remembering what a blessing that was to fall asleep to each night and looked to see if I could somehow find it again. I was so happy to find him online and even found the app for my phone! I'm again being blessed by Bill Pearce and Nightsounds.

10/20/2023 - larry salway
i grew up listening to nightsounds ,my sister texted saying hey i found it on youtube,than i found ur app today! wow what a joy to be able to listen to ur program again ,mom always had it on growing up on her little clock radio i remember growing up how peaceful it was to go to sleeping listen to the music and scripture each night. thank you lord for this ministry .

08/03/2022 - Yvonne DeHaan
I listened to Bill in the 70s and was so blessed by his music, his wonderful voice and love of Jesus. I've just found these NIghtsounds again. What a blessing to hear them again. thank you!

07/28/2022 - Richard
I have been a Long time listener to night sounds with Bill Pierce I wish I could've met the man in person he's been such an inspiration to me I listen to him every night and I hope that he never goes off the air praise the Lord for such a prayer warrior God bless you and all the people and staff for advancing the kingdom through his radio program again God bless you all many thanks

07/22/2022 - Christopher Peters
Love the program and music, It brings a peace and calm to my soul. Bill's voice is like an old friend, very comforting. Thank you :)

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