01/16/2022 - Ed Maas
Below is a posting that I shared on Facebook. I hope you understand how much Nightsounds has meant to me! ........... While talking in a group this week I happened to mention the name, Bill Pierce, and a radio program he did for many years, called "Night Sounds". Up until that point, I had almost forgotten him in recent years. I'm doing some recuperating from elbow surgery this week, had some time, and decided to do a search of the two names. Bill Pierce passed away in 2010, but his recordings of Night Sounds are still on the air. His long-time theme song is called "Beautiful Morning". It's a variation of "Beau Soir" by the classical composer, Debussy. At 10:30 PM, in most parts of the country, that theme would come on and the soft voice of Bill Pierce would keep you company for most of the next half hour, just like talking to a close friend. Always, something that would make you think. About 1970, I started listening to him. Mom would almost always have his program on as part of her evening lineup of programs. On many a night, I would come home from my teenage chasing, then sit and talk with her as she sewed,while he was talking. While driving(truck) over the years, I could turn the radio dial at 10:30 in the evening and pick him up almost anywhere. For too long, that occasional program in the evenings was as close to church as I got. I can't tell you what he talked about any evening. But then, I can't tell you what friends of mine talked about either! Today, while looking at the site and listening online, I thought of two things. One was the memories, and how that soft music and quiet voice used to be so calming at the end of the day that it could put me to sleep. The other thing was what his broadcast recording for today was about, "Who Needs This ..... Why Is There Suffering?" As it happens, this week I've been thinking of about a year ago, when I was dealing with my back problems and the worst pain I ever had, about there being no relief from it, and about when, if ever, the pain would be gone. "Why is there suffering", is a question I thought about often since then. And then one of the songs Bill Pierce had happened to choose for today has been a long-time favorite of mine ....... "He Was There All The Time!" God is awesome! .......... and then his talk comes to an end as his theme song comes to it's crescendo.

01/06/2022 - Rachel M Conley
Listening in Yoncalla Oregon Nice to end the day with night sounds Bless you and come Lord Jesus

01/05/2022 - John Besspiata
Just wanted to touch base, which I rarely do, to say that I have been listening to your shows each night on WORD FM radio in Pittsburgh PA for a few months, and have enjoyed the topics and different music/songs.... I am 68 and retired. I was raised as a Catholic and attended Catholic schools grades 1 through 12. Beecame unhappy with the Catholic changing requirements and was seperated from church for various times. I have had a relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior for many years. Attended a Bible centered Christian church for about 10 years, and became removed again. I have been reading the Bible daily.

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