01/31/2024 - Dolores Underwood Warren
I have a tape I listen to a great deal. In the late 60's and early 70's Bill Pearce was an every evening event. His calm voice, his beautiful music, was just they thing when getting ready for bed. He is made for the ages. Dee Warren

01/21/2024 - Patricia
I first found night sounds on a radio station in Las Vegas, Nevada in the '90s soon after first coming to the Lord. I loved listening to it every night after work and always felt so comforted by Bill's soothing voice and encouragement. I was recently thinking about night sounds and thought I would try and look for it and see if I could find it again. I am so thankful that it is found once again and is blessing and encouraging me in my life once again. I recently figured out how to create a playlist on Spotify with Bill's teachings so that I can archive them and find them even after they are not available on line or on the app (as far as I can see anyway). Thank you, thank you, thank you Bill and the team. Someday I will see you face to face but for now know that you are bringing light to a dark world and we all appreciate you so much. ??

01/01/2024 - Samuel Derr Jr
I listened to Wpgm and Night sounds because of my Dad, a pastor as a kid in the eighties and now downloaded the app. Very nice pleasant soothing voice what a perfect voice for late night radio. What a blessing and privilege to reminded of ADONAI Gods sovereign authority and life sustaining Grace.

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