Alvin Rodriguez
Thank God for this radio station and all its staff, God Bless, and again from Lubbock Tx, God Bless.
As a teenager in the 70's, I was a very insecure and fearful believer. Growing up in violent alcoholic home, I listened to Nightsounds every night. Bill's voice, teaching, music and trombone comforted me as I often cried myself to sleep. I hadn't heard this program for over 40 years until today. Praising God and blessing the memory of Bill Pearce and thanking your ministry for keeping this program going. Topics like "Soul Recovery" are relevant now.
Charlene Pluta
NightSounds has been a true blessing for me. Bill Pearce's soothing voice and his choice of music and messages have filled my soul with hope and joy for our Savior for Jesus Christ.
John Petrilli
WOW! been a listener since 1977 when my roomate introduced me to the broadcast, been blessed and helped ever SINCE! Just heard program "Christian Humanism" last nite, incredible insight by Bill, love all the programs, they help me offload the days stress and burdens, and focus in on the Spirit-led commentary he gave. May his tribe increase!
lynne green
I enjoy listening to Night Sounds, the music, the spiritual messages, I miss Bill Pearce, his voice was so warm and comforting. I know he is with Jesus. He will always be remembered, I know I will. Thank you for the blessing of your spiritual programs, so meaningful, rewarding and memorable.May God bless all of you richly. You are all the very Best. Thank you.
james douthit
When visiting my Mother in the evening many years ago I we would listen to nightsounds. I came into a need in the 2-3 years for not being meet. Nightsounds came to mind and I began searching for it and finding on a Christian station on a Christion University in my hometown, Huntsville, Al. What a joy and gift. I listen each night and receive a blessing in the music, songs, scripture and Bill's words, insight and personal thoughts. I receive encouragement in a way hard to find today. Only the program is over in what seems a few minutes instead of the 30. I'm blessed and thankful for Bill Pearce's and for your continuation of this ministry.
Joe Rau
I remember back in the 70s, as a high school student laying in bed at night listening to Nightsounds. I am now 65 years old and able to download the app and listen anytime I want! I thank the Lord for Bill Pearce and Night Sounds for keeping this program alive!
Brian Boucher
Many of my Christian Brothers & Sisters in the Lord are hurting today. The Trials & Tribulations of life are to actually strengthen our faith & hope in Jesus Christ. Remember this "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Bill Pearce was a fine man of God in his day many best wishes to his Family & followers.
Adrienna Carraway
I have came across Nightsound,and I am so blessed, why because it seems as The Lord is speaking to me though you,and I am so comfort by it night after night. May the Lord continually use and bless you for his purpose, of speaking to his people who needs to hear from him,as I do. Keeping you in my prayers, stay safe and take care,God Bless you and your family. (WDZY) Virginia
Rev. J. Davila-Ashcraft
Bill's voice was a comfort every night after I discovered him at age 12. Today I'm an Anglican priest and Bill still helps m decompress and relax in the Lord's arms. What a good and faithful servant he is. I look forward to seeing him in the Kingdom.
mike carlson
I have been listening to Night Sounds for over 25 years. Wonderful program to end the day and last thing I have on at night. Bill was obviously a very talented spiritual person who put a lot of work into this program. Each night is a new message matched to the music. Keep up the good work and hope this timeless program is always on as the message is inspirational and timeless.
Lynne Wilson
My husband and I loved listening to Bill Pearce as we fell asleep. It had been a habit for many years. His music, subjects, and sound of his voice were so soothing. My husband died on Feb. 23, 2020, of complications of Parkinson's, just as Bill did 10 years ago. Night Sounds has been a blessing in my life.
Wanda Lewis
I'm 91 years old and I found Night Sounds one night when I was looking for a Christian themed program. I am so glad to have found it and I wish I would have known about Night Sounds years ago. I look forward to the message and music every single night. I really feel at peace after listening and it helps me to get a good nights sleep. Bill Pearce is a blessing and I am so thankful that all of his programs are available. God Bless everyone connected to this program.
Maria Dashyan
Mr.Pearce, I like to listen to the "grandfathers" of this generation on the radio because they are strong in the Faith.You are one of my very favorites.I Listen to your program before I go to bed;and I stay coherent.I like the song varieties and the different topics you address.To me it's a grand adventure to listen to you. May God bless you. I hope your health is good and you be able to remain on the air for many more years. Maria
John Gamberg
I "discovered" Night sounds a few months ago after moving to a new city and listening to a new to me Christian radio station KVIP 98.1 The theme music caught my attention,reminding me of the 50s or early 60s, my favorite decades. Then listening to Bill's wonderful voice and common sense programs. I can relate to these programs more than any program I have ever heard. So soothing. Sorry to find out Bill had passed away a few years ago. I also found one of his early record albums at a used record store about the same time. Thank you for keeping this show on the air.
David G. Fitzgerald
I first discovered Night Sounds in the early '70's as high school student. I would often listen to the program before going to bed at night. Bill Pierce was a spiritual and accomplished man with a gifted voice that spoke directly to me at that time in my early life. Now, hearing him today online...he sounds as relevant and fresh as he did those years ago. Keep the spiritual messages coming for a new and needy generation.
David G. Fitzgerald
What a blessed program with such a gifted and Godly man. I remember this radio program as a teenager in the early 1970's. His was a voice of grace, clarity, and peace. Keep up the good work!
Vicky Tucker
I came across Nightsounds on Youtube and remembered how God blessed me, over and over, through this program back in the 1970's. Bill Pearce was the source of my spiritual formation during my teen years. I'm delighted that I can hear him once again. He probably never dreamed of how many lives he touched each night.
Richard DeVries
I was so blessed once again by listening to Night Sounds tonight. It was emotional in its music, words, and Bill Pierce's voice. It reminds me of when I met him personally back in his Moody days.
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