09/11/2021 - Jim Day
My wife Barbara and I have been blessed by Bill's message since 1973 and before when I was single. The testimony that he was Holy Spirit led speaks of this enduring, timely, message still being broadcast today. Humility! That is what I think of when hearing Bill Pearce. Thank you for carrying on with God's word through this program. God bless you all in every way imaginable. Sincerely, Jim and Barbara Day

08/25/2021 - Samuel Phillips
I have listened to Nightsounds since 1972 when I was in college in Minnesota. Nightsounds programs always had a message that helped me. Thank you.

08/24/2021 - Neil
I'm so thankful Bill's program continues to go out over the air! It's just as gentle as when he did the show "live." As a younger believer I always appreciated Bill's honesty and sensitivity to God's work. Still do! Thank you again.

08/09/2021 - Jessica Allen
I have learned about the nightsounds program though my mother in 1994 a year before the Lord took her home early at at age 41. She listened faithfully every night and would put it on cassette tape. I decided to look up the program online and was excited to see the recorded broadcast of this program is available to listen online. So nice and relaxing. My mom definitely had food taste. Anyway keep these going online for as long as God allows you to. God bless

07/26/2021 - Ken Kusmierz
Never met him personally but I absolutely love this humble and faithful servant of our Lord Jesus. It was through Bill Pearse's ministry that God almighty drew me to Himself when I was just a child. I remember skipping past the broadcast of the evening baseball game on my transistor radio searching for Nightsounds. The idea that a young boy would rather hear Bills voice than a Tigers/ Yankees game is so profound, it can only be the work of the Holy Spirit.

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