05/02/2022 - Lisa Sadler
Thank you for continuing to broadcast night sounds. I discovered this program in the early 2000s when I was working 2nd shift. I unfortunately don't work anymore and hadn't listened to it for several years and started to listen to the program again about 5-6 years ago and was saddened to learn about Mr Bill passing. I love his voice it's so relaxing.

05/01/2022 - Anita
I listened to nightsounds in the mid 80's, and have recently discovered it again. (Although it's been there all along.) So relaxing, and such a great way to end the day- thinking about the goodness of the Lord.

04/21/2022 - Phil Barber
I deliver pizzas for a living and every now and then I'll see a car with a bumper sticker advertising a radio station called "88.3" and I saw it so frequently in traffic that I decided that one day I'd listen to it for my whole shift just to see what was so great about it that every 5th car I saw had it. For whatever reason, I put on "88.9" instead and I listened well into the night and, for the last half hour of my shift, I was graced by the presence of Nightsounds. Unlike many listeners (at least how I imagine typical Nightsounds listeners), I discovered the program for the first time at the ripe old age of 24 in a beat up old Dynasty. In a stark comparison to many other radio programs I listened to, Nightsounds felt very intimate. Even though I knew it was a prerecorded radio show, it still felt like I was being given a one-on-one pep talk by Bill Pearce. And surprisingly, that night's program (sadly I can't remember which one specifically) addressed to what was going on in my life at that moment better than any other minister or preacher. After I finished my shift, I rushed home to look online to find out more. I was devastated to find out that Bill passed away before I could properly thank him for how he helped me through that night, and I was also surprised how different he looked from how I pictured him in my head! He sounded like some big, jolly bearded man but he's just some skinny scrawny bald dude. But nevertheless, Bill left an impact on me and hundreds of others with his radio show, and I have my local station, WKTO 88.9 to thank for the introduction! Conversely, I also think it's interesting how, despite how insistent I was to listen to 88.3, I put on 88.9 by complete mistake and didn't catch it until the next day. If I had listened to 88.3, I never would've heard of Nightsounds. Could this just be serendipity or God putting me in the path of Nightsound's airwaves?

04/12/2022 - Jerry L. Higgins
I came across the program on the internet the other day. I immediately flashed back to a more youthful time of my life. Laying in bed at night listening to Bill Pierce, his gentle voice (I dreamt of being an announcer and did work at it for a few years), his smooth trombone (I played one in school for a few years), his inspiring music (I worked Sunday's at the local radio station). I was reminded about how God has been good to me over these years. I had to tell myself that it's OK for a 71 year old man to cry! Thanks!

03/29/2022 - Autumn Moon
Late at night I was trying to find a Christian station on the radio. Then I heard someone speaking, soft music with angelic surrounding sounds, when I needed it most. After the program Night Sounds ended I fell asleep with no trouble. I have sent this app to many others. The old saying( You lowered a bucket down into the well of my despair and drew me up to the light of day. Amen

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