I fondly remember listening to Night Sounds growing up from my junior high thru my college years back in the 70's and 80's. The program would air from 11pm to 11:30pm weeknights. The theme music is so beautiful and Bill's voice and message in Christ was always so soothing. After a rough day, it was so good to be ushered into a restful sleep thru this program. God uses Night Sounds even today and I am so thankful for it! After my school years I moved and lost touch with this program. But God lead me back to it as I found it thru a Google search recently. God is good, all the time!
L. Digby
During many sleepless nights mourning the loss of my beloved husband was the time I discovered Nightsounds at KARI 550. Bill's music and message were soothing and a source of comfort during a sorrowful time. I found his messages at that time insightful and kind than those I got from many who although they meant well were not helpful at the time. I was surprised to find out later I had been listening to old programs and that Bill had long gone home to be with the Lord. I want to thank you for continuing to air Nightsounds. I pray many more people will discover this program the way I did. God had gifted Bill with a unique style and ministry that lives on. What a God send to a listener longing and crying in the dead of the night to hear him as if the listener is the only person he is speaking to. His message is timeless, relevant and uplifting, greatly because they're inspired from the wisdom and truth of the God I love. Thank you again. Blessings, Lolita
wally young
Listened to Easter Message last night. April 12. Loved the message and music. Inspiring. Thank you.
Hi, I meant bill in 1980 while stationed on the island of Guam I had luck just lost a brother and came across the station on trans World radio and and we have been close ever since his words was so inspiring while I was stationed over on the remote island and was a contribution to make going into the ministry I am forever grateful so the years of knowing and having the acquaintances to the staff they continue to keep this broadcast going I hope my contributions help
A.B .S
Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your program on April 3 2020.You always say the right thing at the right moment,I was feeling pretty low and your program lifted my spirits , thanks
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